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Q.What happens next after I sign up? A.You will be assigned your very own Wizzard, who will be waiting at your beck and call from the get go. Your Wizzard will soon get to know your shop inside out, and will quickly become a key member of your team as well as ours. No job is too small or large for them, feel free to send it all our way and focus on what you're good at!
Q.How will I communicate with you and your team? A.Through Slack messenger. An account will be created for you, login details issued via email, and from then on you'll be free to deal directly with your Wizzard as and when you please.
Q.What if my job goes over the time allowed in my monthly price plan? A.We will let you know and you will be bumped up to the next price plan if you agree and want to continue with the job. 10-15 minuts here or there will be allowed, of course!
Q.Does my monthly time allocation include time spent discussing the project and general admin from your team? A.No - your time allocation will strictly be time spent by our team working on your website.
Q.How quickly can I expect a response? A.If you message your Wizzard during operationg hours a 4 hours response time will be guaranteed, but usually this will be much quickier (conversation can be instant if both parties are online). Please allow up to 24 hours for responses from our admin team (via the contact form).
Q.How long will it take for my task to be completed? A.That depends entirely on the size of job! We offer a range of services, from building entire shops to customizing themes and everything in between. The majority jobs are completed the same working day.
Q.What payment methods do you accept? A.We use Stripe payment systems, meaning we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express transactions in a total of 139 currencies.
Q.Do you offer assistance to more that one site? A.Absolutely - we can assist you with as many sites/shops as you need us to. Please note, however, that he 'Unlimited' package is strictly only for maintenance and support for 1 Shopify store.
Q.What if I decide to cancel my monthly subscription? A.Simply drop us a message using our contact form and we'll cancel your membership with immediate effect the same day. Please note all monthly subscription packages have a minimum 3 month sign up period, during which time you will not be able to cancel (this is purely to help us manage resources an continue offering our clients a high level of service.
Q.What do you offer by wat of a guarantee? A.We always do our best to go above in beyond in delivering our clients the best service we can, however if you're not entirely satisfied with our work then we will of course offer you a full 30-day money back refund (valid for the first month of membership only).
Q.Where are your 'Wizzard' based? A.Our core team are based in the UK, however our Wizzards are located internationally. Our team of 50 have been chosen for their technical prowess, communication ability and general fantastic understanding of Shopify and how it works. Trust us, these guys are simply the best...
Q.What hours do you work? A.Our UK team work 16 hours days (in shifts) from 0900 GMT - 0100 GMT. Likewise, so do our Wizzards. That said, if you have a pressing project or a tight deadline for a job then by all meains we will be able to discuss working additional hours to facilitate. We'll always do our best to help!
Q.I want a website building - can you provide me a quote? A.We'd be honored to. Simply send us a brief description and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a ballpark quote.
Q.Do you offer 24/7 support? A.Not currently, however this is something we're looking into. Keep checking back!